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Sally Davies
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Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

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1st Avenue Tattoo, Avenue B Blonde, Avenue Liberty, Black Iron Burger, Charles at Church, Chinese Laundry, Clairvoyant, Fairlane 6th Street, Fun City Tattoo, Girl in Doorway, 5th Street, Hell's Angels, 3rd Street, Jesus Saves, LES Graffiti with Bike, Morgan, Lafayette Street, Night Window, Noodle Shop, 5th Street, Nude in Window, Parkside Bar & Grill, East Houston, Pyramid, Avenue A, Rearview Snowstorm, Sophie's Bar, 5th Street, White Caddie, 5th Street, Yonah Shimmel, 3 Girls Texting, 4th Street, 5th Street Bicycle, Anthony's Liquors, Avenue B Candy Store, Balloons, Bleecker Street Bar, I Heart LES, Lenox Lounge, Harlem NY, Life Cafe, Love Me, Ludlow Graffiti, Pyramid Square, Red Bike, Show World, Tabac (Paris), The Conversation, Woman in Window, Woman with Cart, East 4th Street, Charles at Church II, Block Drugs, Soho Diner, Horseshoe Bar, Times Square, Frank in his Office, Pink Hat, Beauty Bar at Night, Ace Bar, InBorn Tattoo, Soup N Burger, Chinese Take Out, 8th Ave Erotica, Finelli's, 207 E 4th St (Man in Doorway), Bowery Subway Entrance, Allan St at Night, 12th Street Doorway, Bar Ace, Cars Bars Caddy, Delancey Psychic, Hopper Building Ave. B, January View, January Rainbow, Long Island Diner, Nov Alperts, Orange Caddy, Orchard Street Pizza, Ottomanellis Kids, Paris Eiffel Tower, Paris, Paris Louvre Pyramid, Pianos, Porto Rico Coffee, Purple Building Graffiti, Red Vintage Truck, Rooftop View, Sam's Deli, Scharf, Snow at Deli Kamaran Ave. A, Snow on 6th Street, Stanton Street Pizza, Subway Guitar, Woman with Black Dress, Yellow Chair Fire Hydrant on 6th Street,