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Matthew Pierog
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Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

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Untitled Installation, White on White Still Life, Lit Candle, Tea Pot, Lemon, Dragonfly, East and West, Four in Blue, Ultramarine, Red Apple, Vessel with Loons, Vessel with Flowers, Aloe Vera Terra Cotta, Blue Vessel White Bowl, Pewter Goblet, Tyrol Bank, Cable Car, Austrian Mountain Top, Just One Quality, Summer Tomatoes, Maraschino Cherries, Cocktail Onions, The Best, Kalamata Olives II, Kalamata Olives, Green Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Spencer and Willoughby, 1 Lemon, Arrangement in Blue, Blue on Pink, BMW Under Construction, Reflection Hotel Empire, Backlit BMW, BMW No. 5, BMW Dream Hotel, Times Square BMW, Titanium Silver BMW, Blue BMW, 57th Street, East and West, Grey BMW, BMW No. 8, BMW No. 9, BMW No. 10, Blue BMW II, Art Dealer's Auto II, Tomolives, Tomato, Tomato II, Tomato III, Lincoln Center at Midnight, Times Square A C E, Hotel Empire, White on White, Dragon Fly, Four in Blue, Lit Candle, Pewter Goblet, Ultramarine, Blue Vessel, White Bowl, Green Tomatoes, Spring Vessel,