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Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery is pleased to announce The New York Project. It is the fourth and largest survey exhibition of cityscape painters by our Gallery artists. The participating fifteen artists are Anthony Brunelli, Tom Blackwell, Paul Caranicas, Richard Estes, Robert Gniewek, Gus Heinze, Don Jacot, Charles Jarboe, Ron Kleemann, Bertrand Meniel, Robert Neffson, Matthew Pierog, Raphaella Spence, Bernardo Torrens and Doug Webb. In the Fall of 2010, the artists arrived in New York, from a myriad of locales, for the grand re-opening of the Gallery. They have taken with them, as souvenirs, images and memories of their experience. In our exhibition this Fall, you are seeing the results of that trip in a number of exceptional and unique cityscapes of the Big Apple.
The idea began in 2003 with The Prague Project. Brunelli was engaged to paint a commission in the Czech Republic. Upon learning of his fellow Photorealist’s assignment, Meniel who lives in France, suggested meeting in Prague. Meniel and Brunelli were soon joined by three other cityscape artists to photograph this historic town and produce paintings of their own. The completed Prague works were exhibited at The Roberson Museum of Art in Binghamton, New York with an accompanying catalog entitled, “The Prague Project”. One of our collectors saw the exhibition and immediately commissioned these artists to go to Switzerland where he had an office to make paintings for his collection. Thus “The Zurich Project” was conceived. Centered on Lake Zurich, it is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. A few additional painters were included in the Zurich venture, expanding the number of works to eight.
Two years later upon seeing the finished works, the collector was eager to expand his collection of Photorealism. He then offered to send an even larger group to Monte Carlo for the “Monaco Project”, during the week of the world famous Grand Prix Formula One race. The group of painters expanded to include their spouses, dealers, friends and hangers on, creating an atmosphere consistent with the raucousness which accompanies the race each year. It’s a time when all of Europe's racing enthusiasts meet, creating a frenzy equivalent to the Cannes Film Festival.
This exhibition entitled, “The New York Project” is the fourth and most progressive survey in the series. Spanning the diverse terrain and reflecting on the variety of lifestyles in New York, these paintings are a significant and innovative contribution to Photorealism and to realist painting in general. Using the lexicon provided by all three generations of Photorealists, the paintings in The New York Project are made using new technical tools and ideas such as digital photography (Spence, Sogno Notturno), foreshortening of the picture plane (Jacot, 42nd Street, 1934), employing negative space as the focal point (Caranicas, Ozone (Long Island City), and incorporating sprawling panoramic views (Brunelli, Trinity). On view here are the spectacular results of their efforts.
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The New York Project, Paintings of the City by Artists from Around the World, 15 Sept. - 29 Oct., 2011